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Ben's WiiM Pro Plus Setup

This will be the first post in a series dedicated to sharing some of our WiiM user's audio setups with WiiM devices. We hope this can give you ideas about how you can set up your audio with WiiM devices.

Today, we'll share Ben's WiiM Pro Plus setup in Q&A format with pictures.

Q. What's your current setup?

Ben. My setup currently is:

  • Turn table Rega P3 with Rega Exact cartridge connected to phono preamp

  • Phono preamp: Schiit Mani, connected to WiiM Pro Plus line-in

  • DVD Player Oppo BDP-93 connected to TV via HDMI

  • TV Sony Bravia 65X9500G connected to WiiM Pro Plus optical-in

  • WiiM Pro Plus connected to Apollon NCx500 Stereo power amplifier via 2Vrms RCA

The WiiM Pro Plus also acts as a pre-amp with its excellent internal DAC in that setup. In a previous version of this setup, I had instead the WiiM going to a Topping D70 Pro Sabre DAC via optical and the DAC going to the amp via balanced XLR (4Vrms). Still, I retired that setup as I couldn't find any significant quality difference compared to using the WiiM directly as a preamp.

Benjamin's audio setup with WiiM Pro Plus
Benjamin's audio setup with WiiM Pro Plus
Benjamin's audio setup with WiiM Pro Plus

Q. How did you stumble upon WiiM Pro Plus?

Ben: My original setup was a NAD C368 integrated amplifier with a BlueOS module. Unfortunately, the NAD developed a fault, and it took months for them to repair it.

While it was in the repair shop, I visited my mother in France (I live in Australia) and gifted her a WiiM Amp, which I discovered while doing some online research. I was impressed with the ease of use, the quality of the app, and the responsiveness of WiiM support when I asked for a feature (per-source EQ, which you implemented).

I started doing some more research for myself. I decided to replace the NAD completely with a high-quality power amp and a streamer+DAC+preamp setup, allowing me to have different components of higher individual quality and upgrade separately.

That's how I eventually purchased the Apollon amplifier, the Topping DAC and the WiiM Pro Plus. I chose the Pro Plus rather than the Pro because of the higher quality ADC as I would use it for my turn table. I wasn't originally going to use the Pro Plus internal DAC. Another deciding factor was the availability of the 12V trigger to control the amplifier.

WiiM Pro Plus connected to Apollon NCx500 Stereo power amplifier via 2Vrms RCA
WiiM Pro Plus connected to Apollon NCx500 Stereo power amplifier via 2Vrms RCA

Q. What do you like best about the WiiM Pro Plus?

Ben: I was so impressed by the WiiM Pro Plus's audio quality that I quickly retired the Topping DAC and used the WiiM Pro Plus directly as a DAC/preamp.

I find it easier to use than my original BlueOS setup. The WiiM app simply works better than the BlueOS one, and WiiM is more responsive and provides more value quicker than NAD/Bluesound. The recent release of 10 bands PEQ and the upcoming room correction features are great examples of that.

The audio quality of my new setup is also an improvement over the NAD. Both the new power amplifier and the WiiM Pro Plus streamer/DAC provide a less noisy and less distorted sound quality than what I had before.  I essentially use the WiiM Pro Plus to listen to music on TIDAL and radio via TuneIn. I occasionally use other services.

I realized that since I have the WiiM Pro Plus, I find myself turning on the music much more often during the day.

Q. What songs do you like to play through your audio setup?

Ben: I listen to a pretty wide range of songs. When using TuneIn I often

listen to ABC Jazz Radio (the Australian ABC). Otherwise, I quite like

listening to the album "Kind of Blue" by Miles Davis or "Time Out" from

Dave Brubeck.

My favorite songs would probably be "So What" on the first one, and

"Take Five" on the second one.



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