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URC and WiiM Announce a Certified Integration Delivering High-Fidelity Audio with Convenient Control and Automation

URC, a leader in global smart residential and commercial automation, and WiiM, a global technology company offering premium smart home and commercial experiences through affordable connected AI products, announced today a significant, certified integration. The new integration enables control and automation using URC’s Total Control and WiiM products like the WiiM Amp, WiiM Pro, WiiM Pro Plus, and WiiM Mini, which deliver intuitive, personalized experiences across residential and commercial environments.  


This collaboration combines the strategy and aspirations of two global brands committed to affordable choice. The WiiM brand is built on high-quality, feature-rich, and affordable audio. It succeeds in the simple aspiration of providing solutions so everyone can enjoy high-fidelity music. Similarly, the URC brand is committed to superior quality and choice through easy integration, accessibility, and attractive prices.


URC screen with WiiM Streamer
WiiM Integration with URC’s Total Control on a TKP-8600 Touch Screen


Combining these powerful brands offers seamless, unified control and automation for homeowners and streamlined programming for URC-certified dealers. Key benefits include:

  • Elevated Audio Experience – Combining WiiM’s high-fidelity streaming audio with URC’s HDA (High-Definition Audio) creates studio sound quality with a legendary control system offering simplicity and seamless automation.

  • Unified Function – Users can use a single device through the Total Control system to control a broader range of devices, interfaces and sub-systems minimizing the number of other controllers, remotes, and devices.

  • Easy Voice/Hands-Free Control - URC’s voice commands allow simple operation and can act as a virtual remote to activate entertainment devices in an occupied room.

  • Superior, Affordable Choice – Both brands offer superior quality, agnostic integrations and attractive pricing so installers and end-users can enjoy unparalleled audio without sacrifice.

  • Robust Scenes and Voice Events – URC’s Total Control executes professionally programmed scenes and voice events, combining WiiM’s high-fidelity audio with other devices and sub-systems to announce visitors, host epic parties, create movie night events, and many, many more.

  • Remote, Secure Dealer Access – Within a secure environment, this integration allows dealers remote access (with end-user approval) to troubleshoot, monitor, or adjust the Total Control system and configure the WiiM integration.


“This integration is a natural fit of two brands with similar goals of choice and affordability. Combining WiiM streaming devices and Total Control, URC’s certified dealers can efficiently install premium, highly customized systems with world-class, premium audio,” stated Lars Granoe, URC’s VP of Product Development.


“We are thrilled to partner with URC to bring our high-fidelity audio solutions to their advanced control and automation systems,” said Dr. Lifeng Zhao, CEO of WiiM. “This collaboration enhances the smart home experience, offering our users seamless integration and unparalleled convenience, which our team stands for.”



Headquartered in Harrison NY USA, URC is a global leader in smart home automation and control solutions. URC technology is respected for its unsurpassed performance and reliability, with over 100 million remote controls sold in the past 10 years alone. URC control systems include Total Control and Complete Control. Innovative URC user interfaces include tabletop controllers, in-wall touch screens, handheld remotes, keypads, and mobile apps – plus voice control integration with Amazon Alexa and Comcast Xfinity. URC systems are custom designed, installed and maintained by a network of URC trained systems integration professionals. Its award-winning technical support and training URC the best choice for home automation. For more information visit Think beyond everyday with URC.



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Five Nights At Freddy's
Five Nights At Freddy's
6 days ago

Great! Get ready for great games on


7 days ago

This collaboration underscores a commitment to innovation, Retro Bowl College affordability, and quality, making advanced smart home technology accessible to a broader audience through seamless integration and superior audio solutions.


Jul 09

Can you support annoucements and doorbell chimes like Sonos when tied into a automation system like Control4, URC, ect.


Jul 01

How can I port the video out to another lcd screen or my tv?

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