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New WiiM Home App on Windows and MAC

We have some great news about our WiiM Home App on Windows and MAC.

The new Beta App (with version 0.1.3) supports browsing and searching your music library by track, genre, album, and artist. You can also auto-fill your missing metadata in case your music library misses any metadata information.

You can download it here by tapping on the "Download for MacOS" or "Download for Windows". Check it out and let us know your thoughts.


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5 commentaires

5 days ago

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01 mai

Hello, I'm having a problem installing WiiM Home on Windows 11. I get an error that my system is not compatible with the application, although the minimum requirements are of course met. I have searched google for information about this problem, but I can't find anything.

If you want, I can make a screen recording with Screen Capture and show you exactly what error I'm getting and its number.


11 déc. 2023

I downloaded the Windows beta version. The app plays local files, but I cannot find the "Browse" option to stream from an Internet based service. I also noticed that the screen captures in the Home app release announcement do not show a "Browse" option. Can you pls confirm that Internet streaming is not an option in the Beta release. Thanks.


09 déc. 2023

Me too! It worked just once, then quit then the SW does not even start anymore (Mac OS 10.13.6)


27 nov. 2023

It worked just once, showing my library, then the SW does not even start anymore (Win10)

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