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Getting Started with WiiM Pro: Essential Devices and Audio Compatibility

The WiiM Pro is an incredible device that opens up a world of wireless streaming and smart features for your audio setup. To ensure a smooth experience, you'll need a few essential devices and components. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the necessary requirements and explore the audio devices that work seamlessly with the WiiM Pro.

How you can connect your audio system with the WiiM Pro
How you can connect your audio system with the WiiM Pro

Other Devices Needed to Use WiiM Pro

To set up and use the WiiM Pro effectively, you'll need the following devices:

  1. Audio System: The WiiM Pro is designed to connect to your existing audio system. It can be integrated with various setups, including stereo systems, powered speakers, passive speakers with an amplifier/receiver, or even home theater systems with an AV receiver or soundbar. Before getting started, make sure you have the appropriate audio system in place to unleash the full potential of the WiiM Pro.

  2. Wi-Fi Network: A stable Wi-Fi network connection is essential for the WiiM Pro to function properly. Ensure that you have a reliable Wi-Fi network available in the area where you plan to set up the WiiM Pro. During setup, you'll need Wi-Fi credentials to connect the WiiM Pro to your network and enjoy seamless streaming.

  3. Ethernet Cable (optional): While the WiiM Pro primarily connects to your Wi-Fi network, it also offers the option for a wired connection. If you prefer enhanced stability or have specific networking requirements, you can use an Ethernet cable to connect the WiiM Pro directly to your router or network switch. This optional wired connection ensures reliable streaming and minimizes potential wireless interference.

  4. Smartphone or Tablet: You'll need a compatible smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) with the WiiM Home app installed. The WiiM Home app is a crucial tool for the initial setup, configuration, and control of the WiiM Pro. It allows you to connect the device to your network, customize settings, and manage your audio streaming experience effortlessly.

  5. Power Source: The WiiM Pro requires a power source to operate. Connect it to an electrical outlet using the included power adapter and cable. Ensure you have an outlet near your audio system setup to power the WiiM Pro effectively.

Audio Devices That Work With WiiM Pro

The WiiM Pro is compatible with various audio source devices, including:

  • TV: You can integrate the WiiM Pro with your television, allowing you to stream audio wirelessly to your audio system while enjoying your favorite shows or movies.

  • Record Player: If you have a cherished vinyl collection, the WiiM Pro can seamlessly connect to your turntable, enabling you to wirelessly stream the warm analog sound to your speakers or audio system.

  • MP3 Player: Connect your MP3 player to the WiiM Pro and experience the convenience of wireless audio playback, allowing you to enjoy your personal music library without the limitations of a physical connection.

  • Smart Speakers and Legacy Stereo Systems: The WiiM Pro can work with smart speakers, DACs, amplifiers, speakers, soundbars, and other legacy stereo systems. It acts as a bridge between these devices, enabling wireless streaming and integration within the WiiM ecosystem.


Setting up the WiiM Pro is an exciting step toward a wireless audio streaming experience. By ensuring you have the necessary devices, such as an audio system, Wi-Fi network, smartphone or tablet, power source, and optionally, an Ethernet cable, you'll be well-prepared to unleash the full potential of the WiiM Pro. Compatible with various audio devices, the WiiM Pro seamlessly integrates with your audio source devices, smart speakers, and legacy stereo systems, amplifying your audio experience like never before. Get ready to enjoy the freedom of wireless streaming with the WiiM Pro.

If you don't already own a WiiM Pro, and want to try it out, you can purchase one on the Amazon link below.


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Mar 08

will it work with a bose 321 system?

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